Finding the Right Dog Sitter with an In-Home Pet Boarding Facility

Finding the right doggy daycare or dog boarding facility requires the same amount of research as if you were searching for the right child sitter. Asking family members or friends to watch your dog doesn't always work out when you most need pet sitting. For more information about the best pet boarding, visit

 Finding the Right Dog Sitter with an In-Home Pet Boarding Facility

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However, in-home pet sitters become reserved early, especially over holidays and vacation time. Allow plenty of time to interview several sitters so as to find one who is trustworthy and with whom you feel comfortable:

A good pet sitter who runs a puppy sitting or dog boarding business in her home will spend some time with you to answer your concerns over the phone and will arrange a meeting ahead to discuss pertinent information:

  • When you arrive, your pet will be permitted to roam freely both inside and at the backyard to be able to become acquainted with the surroundings.
  • Your pet daycare provider will have lots of water made available both during your trip and when you drop your dog off.
  • Your pet sitter will want to play and get to know your dog in this pre-visit to test for temperament and social skill along with other dogs (if there appears to be one board there).
  • Your pet sitter will ask you to present documentation showing the name of your veterinarian and will check if all inoculations are current.
  • This facility will require great care to mark off your pet's likes and dislikes, his feeding program and ask questions about food allergies, allowing table food and which orders he/she responds to.
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