Why People In Liverpool NSW Should Check Their Guttering

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Should you replace your whole guttering or not is the question i get asked a lot. In Liverpool New South Wales. The wettest month of the year is March. But it does tend to rain in January, Feb, April and November also. This is when you're guttering in the Liverpool area will be tested against the rainy weather. There is a population of 27,084 people living in Liverpool with around 10,000 houses with gutters. Guttering can last many years if you look after them and get them inspected once a year. If you don’t get them checked, then here are a few things to watch out for.

Replace my guttering or not

If you notice water pouring out of your gutters it might not mean that they need to be cleaned it might mean that they are too small for your house and need to be replaced. If you start to notice rust around parts of the gutter it might be time to replace the section or whole guttering. Kepp in mind that if you do have to replace a section that it is cheaper to do that. If it doesn't match the rest of your gutter, you can paint it so that it does match. That might buy you some time, and not replace it all. If you are looking at replacing your whole gutter, you must know that there are different gages and different thicknesses of metal. When it comes to having your gutters installed. It is recommended you contact a professional %LINK1 or get several quotes from other well reviewed guttering services. 

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Should you replace your gutters when replacing the roof ?

it is not always necessary to replace the gutters when replacing a roof. Times when you do include. If your gutters are falling loose from the house. if you have fasteners that are starting to back out of the fascia. If the wood behind your gutters are rotted. It might be a really good idea to replace your guttering the same time as the roof. If you have good strong screws and it is holding the gutters to the fascia, then it won’t make sense to replace the guttering.

Rotting fascia board

Many home owners don’t know that there fascia board maybe rotted. There are even stories of general repair persons not informing them that the fascia is all rotted and needs to be replaced. Or that the fascia gets replaced with an ordinary wood board that is not pressure treated. Over a very short time the fascia can become rotted. A good option is to use a pvc facia board. It will never rot, you dont need a metal trim because it is already white and clean. It can be easily painted


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