How to Stop Air Bearings from Becoming Rusty

There are lots of distinct kinds of air bearings which range from motorsports right through to aerospace and horology. There's a range of construction types and designs so as to satisfy these applications. You can get more information about Air Bearings via

How to Stop Air Bearings from Becoming Rusty

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All kinds of metal-air bearings are subject to problems which could inhibit them functioning, as everyone can imagine. These may include problems such as corrosion, flaking and unusual wear patterns. All these can result from different causes, all of which may be guarded against to make certain that they happen.

One of the problems that can affect all sorts of angular and axial contact is rust. Conditions causing the items to rust can cause this, yet steps can be taken to decrease the incidence of this happening whatever the environment.

One of the variables is when they're in storage. Chances are raised of these suffering from damage if they're in storage for quite a long time and they can corrode because of contact with the tiniest quantities of moisture or water.

A good example of that is when these bearings are stored close air conditioners, where moisture from such items of equipment can cause the degradation of the components that are crucial. These are kept in a dry location out of direct sunlight and away from any potentially harmful conditions.

These storage areas should be well ventilated to make sure that there's not a buildup of moisture and these should be heated to dry any moisture from the space out. It should be mentioned that the bearings should be kept at a place where there are temperature changes.

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