Drinking Beetroot Juice to Control Blood Pressure

It is essential to regularly monitor your blood pressure using a proper bp monitor. Failing to do so may lead to many other health complications as well such as, cardiovascular problems, kidney disorders, hormonal imbalance, stroke and many more. Apart from specific medication for controlling the high blood pressure state in your body, some natural ways like the intake of some effective food items can also greatly contribute in lowering the high blood pressure condition in your body. In order to monitor your blood pressure at home regularly, you can use Omron BP785 or any other similar automatic blood pressure monitor.

As per the latest research, drinking a cup of beetroot juice can significantly contribute in lowering the high blood pressure. A special content that is presence of dietary nitrate can actually keep you away from various health risks such as, cardiovascular disorders, high blood pressure problem and likewise. Basically, beetroot is one of the richest sources of nitrate which is about 0.2 g. Two beetroots can successfully fulfill the needs of your body for controlling the high blood pressure condition of your body. The compound nitrate further gets converted into a compound called nitrite and then finally gets dissociated into nitric oxide. This nitric oxide mainly lies in the blood and it contributes in widening the circumference of the blood vessels and allows blood to flow through it normally.

According to many doctors across the world, intake of only one fruit containing dietary nitrate can profoundly help in regulating the optimal state of blood pressure in your body. Therefore, apart from beetroot, few other vegetables like cabbage, lettuce and fennel are also comprised of dietary nitrate compound.

Adopting such healthy lifestyle approach in life such as, consuming a cup of beetroot juice everyday can greatly benefit the patient with high blood pressure problem. However, you should also pay attention to some other accessory factors such as, controlling a healthy body weight, regular exercising etc, to regulate your high blood pressure condition for prolonged time.


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