How to Refill your Wind Shield Washer Fluid Container


It can be annoying and not to mention dangerous to drive with a dirty wind shield. It is important to keep your wind shield clean by using wind shield washer fluids. Although using plain water in the washer reservoir is also an option, it does not result to a clearer windshield compared to using a washer fluid. It can also produce bacteria and bad odor when left in the washer container.

Read this guide for you how you can refill your wind shield washer fluid container easily:


·         Wind Shield Washer Fluid

·         Funnel

1.       Before you start, make sure that the car is parked on a flat surface. You also might want to read the car owner’s manual for any specific instructions for refilling the wind shield washer container.

2.       Open the hood of the car by releasing the lever inside the car.

3.       Find the wind shield washer container. It’s usually covered with a cap engraved with a logo of a wind shield and wiper.

4.       Remove the cap from the wind shield container and position the funnel inside it.

5.       Get your wind shield washer fluid and slowly pour it inside the wind shield washer container using the funnel. Keep on pouring until you reach the fill line.

6.       Once you are finished adding the wind shield washer fluid to the container, you may remove the funnel and put back the cap of the wind shield washer container.

7.       Lower the hood of the car. To test the wind shield washer fluid, start your car’s engine and push the windshield wiper lever.

There are different varieties of wind shield washer fluid you can choose from. Each of them comes in different scents and some are especially made to target specific issues like getting rid of bugs, removing tough dirt, and even containing anti-freeze properties. So, why not find out more about the different wind shield washer fluids by checking more information on the web.


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