Tips for Lanyard Buyers

Various types of lanyards are easily available in the market. They are usually used by organizations and companies as promotional items and giveaways. Most of the companies get customized lanyards according to their needs and requirements.


Following are a few tips for purchasing lanyards:

1. Budget

Firstly, you should define the kind of money you can spend on purchasing lanyards. Lanyards of different materials, colours, attachments and printing can easily be ordered and purchased from the market. You can get a lanyard at the price as affordable as $0.50 and if you do not have a limited budget you can purchase lanyards made from expensive materials. Hence the type of budget you have has an immense effect on the kind of lanyards you can get.

2. Bulk

If you have a limited budget then you should order or purchase lanyards in large quantities. This way you will be able to get cheap lanyards but decent quality. Often prices of lanyards drop up to 50 percent if you order in bulk. So, if you are purchasing lanyards for your business, company or organization it is always a good idea to order a few extra merchandises.

3. Attachments

Different types of attachments are available in the market. When purchasing or ordering lanyard attachments, keep your target audience in mind. Select the kind of attachment that can easily be used by a majority of people. So, most of the buyers go with plastic attachments as they are economical and are also light in weight.

Apart from these things you should also consider the kind of printing you go with when getting customized lanyards.

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