Using Holographic Technology in Communication

Scientific research Fiction is usually a projection of current technology trends into the near future. For example, take the Star Wars Holographic Online video Phone? Do you know there are now mobile phones which can be a little bit smaller than a brick that could project a picture video on a wall structure by means of a 3G wireless cell mobile phone?

Very trendy and we all know with Moore's Law that really these can get better and smaller and definitely will most likely be the size of a Nano iPod. You may click to know more about 3d hologram technology.

Consider the benefits and applications for a technology of the type; you can Document Your self for Future Great Grandchildren and so they can take this together or store the information within their timepiece so in case they had a question, your hologram would pop-up with a few gentlemanly words of wisdom to help them for making the ideal choice.

Using Holographic Technology in Communication

Obviously on the organization front is where this technology will truly lift off. Consider Virtual Sales Delivering presentations or Company Meetings Devoid of Traveling. This may save money and as well as for earnings, it will be a lot more persuasive than a "cold call" which is a fantastic thing.

Think about for politics or govt – could Holographic Output be utilized for conversing with our allies and friends also? Sure, how about; State Department VR Holographic Diplomacy or some US Presidential Visit – Holographic Style. Would not that be something different? That would definitely help us maintain in difficult with all the occupied schedules.


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