6 Essential Landscaping Designs Hotels Should Have

Maintaining beautiful exteriors is a trend in Sydney. Not just residential but the need for maintaining exterior of commercial places have also been recognised. There are professional landscapers that can be hired to attain an edge while designing beautiful gardens. There are some industries where a beautiful landscape affects retention and expansion of customers. Hotel industry is one of those where only beautiful landscapes are going to get you good money. Hotels have to keep their landscapes beautiful and maintained. Here are some of the great landscaping ideas hotels should go for:

A classy swimming pool is basic at the backyard

Like every common landscaping idea, a classy backyard pool is a necessity at every hotel.

A beautifully designed landscape with a pool and provision for people to hang around will be good. A number of restaurants and hotels know the necessity of Landscaping Stanmore.

Natural pools are widely preferred.

A natural open dine in with pergola compartments

A beautiful open restaurant is a great attraction at hotels. Restaurants with beautiful and natural Landscaping Petersham are a trend. Imagine a restaurant or hotel located at a place with some natural landscape such as waterfalls and natural forests is one of the most beautiful places to dine in.

An attractive artificial waterfall in lobby

This is an idea for any public place such as malls and hotel lobbies. Add up a high artificial waterfall that catches every visitor’s attention. Arrange a sitting place around as well.

How about a rooftop infinity pool

Infinity pools are modern trend. High rise buildings and penthouses normally have infinity pool these days. Having a rooftop infinity pool at every hotel is surely going to grab some guests.

Basic vertical gardens

Vertical gardens can be put anywhere. They can be designed at corridors, lobbies or even rooms. Vertical gardens add natural essence to the surroundings.

Plant rambling vines

Rambling vines should be added at the entry gates and perimeter fences.

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